Vegan MoFo & results of scrumping

So, Vegan MoFo (MOnth of FOod!) is here. I’ve been checked out lots of great blogs in previous years but never had the nerve to sign up (it’s a commitment to post regularly for a whole month, and I really don’t do commitment well!), but this year a project sounded like a good idea so…

My first post is just a little teaser. Yesterday I had a couple of hours work at a place I’ve never walked to before. Some of the journey was along a wide pavement on a not-too-busy road with steep banks along the side. Those banks are covered in late summer bounty! I saw 3 apple trees, a pear tree covered in very small, hard pears, many hawthorns and blackberries. 

I could only really reach the apples on one of the trees, and I had to crawl up the bank to get to them. Here they are in situ:


and here’s the haul I got… I’ve stuck a 1p coin and a 1 European Cent coin next to them for scale, as that’s the currency I had. At any rate, they’re small!



Stay tuned for some baking I plan to do with these little darlings!



2 Comments on “Vegan MoFo & results of scrumping”

  1. These apples look lovely 🙂 Good luck for your first VeganMoFo!


  2. gaietygirl says:

    Nothing like a bit of foraging! My local hawthorn tree fell victim to a terrible over-pruning – no sloes for me this year 😦


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