Boozeday Tuesday! (VeganMoFo)

(I nearly called this post ‘Hello, boozy Tuesday’, but I thought that might be a bit obscure).

It’s been a pleasant, sunny day today!

Although I haven’t seen any yet on my travels, I’m sure there must be some sloes around getting ripe and ready to be picked soon. Sometimes I know there are goodies to be had if I go and look for them but it seems a bit of hassle, so it’s good to have a token of what can be expected once the effort has been made.

Now, this may be a bit cheaty, but I didn’t actually make any of the home-made ingredients in the following beverage (unless you count the ice!), the gin was given to me last Christmas by my good friend Emma, and the jam made by my mum (she grew the fruit for it as well) 


Sloe-gin and raspberry jam slushy

Equipment needed – blender. I have a Vitamix, which I couldn’t really afford, but it’s been really, REALLY handy since I bought it, I use it many times a week, and it just pulverises stuff. I’m sure you could make this in a less powerful blender but you might have to add more liquid to less ice.


 200ml / 7 fluid ounces / 3/4 cup water, made into ice (see note above)

Some sloe gin, to taste. Start with about 2 1/2 tablespoons and take it from there.

Heaping tablespoon raspberry jam.


Stick everything in a blender, turn blender on to high power, use the tamper if you have a Vitamix to shove everything towards the blades. When blended to your liking, pour/shake (it’s kind of sorbet consistency unless you’ve blended it so long the mix has started to heat up a bit and melt) into a glass and enjoy!








5 Comments on “Boozeday Tuesday! (VeganMoFo)”

    • dropscone says:

      Thank you. I came up with the recipe one day when I wanted an alcoholic drink and didn’t have anything by way of a mixer in the house. But jam is just very concentrated fruit juice, when you think about it. And it was surprisingly good, so I’ve made it since even when I have actual juice and stuff in the house!


  1. That looks SO GOOD! That’s the kind of alcohol I can get behind.
    I love that you are like a much cooler Kathie Lee & Hoda, Boozeday Tuesday!


  2. Mihl says:

    I love blackthorn! I have an awesome neighbour who once gave me homemade blackthorn jam. It was the best!


  3. gaietygirl says:

    I made sloe gin last year as well – looking forward to cracking into it over Christmas and New year!


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