Sociable Saturday – bring a bottle

Happily, I’ve been invited out for dinner this evening at some friends’ house. Since I’m trying to post something every day this month I’m going to play it safe and show you what I’ll be taking with me, as I’m not sure whether I’ll get back before midnight (oooh, I’m such a goer! hehe).

Identifying vegan alcohol has become much easier over the past decade, particularly with the advent of Barnivore. I remember when Co-op started labelling their own brand alcohol, and what a boon it was. They were the trailblazers (although before that there were mail order firms such as Vinceremos that I was aware it was possible to buy vegan booze from).  Since then, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer are the other notable high street stores to follow suit. 

A number of stores also have information available on their websites, which is handy, but means you have to have something with internet access with you while you shop, or do some research beforehand. They may also keep lists of suitable wines instore, although in my experience these aren’t guaranteed to be up-to-date.

The wine I’m taking to tonight’s meal will be something my parents had left over from their ruby wedding anniversary party at the beginning of June and kindly gave two bottles to me:



Yeah, sorry for the quality of my phone camera, you can’t really see it, but underneath the V it does say ‘vegan’.