Mid-week mash – creamy avocado mustard mashed potatoes

Bit low on veg at the moment, but I still have several avocados left. I’d been thinking about mash since I saw a shepherds pie pizza on the Get Scorned blog – http://comesconewithme.com/2013/09/17/the-art-of-shepherds-pie-pizza-recipe-more-from-the-bake-and-destroy-blogtour/ so it was only a matter of time before I got my spuds out.

Hastily slicing some Lady Balfour into a pan of lightly salted boiling water without bothering to peel them, I impatiently awaited the moment I could crush their gentle spirits, along with a nice ripe avocado, English mustard and a pinch of smoked sea salt.


Once that was taken care of i hastily coated some slices of tofu in Marigold bouillon powder and smoked paprika and while those were pan-frying, sliced up a bit of cabbage and cooked it briefly with a bit of water, dash of cider vinegar and a few drops of soya sauce.


May seem like a strange mix but it certainly hit the spot! I don’t usually add fat to mashed potato, generally liking it just mashed with a bit of the cooking water and some salt, pepper and mustard, but the avocado worked excellently, making this creamy, comforting and subtly tasty.