Thirsty Thursday – poorly potions

Possibly due to the changing of the seasons a large number of people where I work seem to have come down with cold or sore throat type ailments. Sadly, I am included in the crowd of malady sufferers, though infuriatingly it’s not been bad enough for me to be able to take a sick day, rather I have a low-level sore throat and sniffle going on, and sneeze now and then for good measure.

Whenever illness strikes I, like many others, take comfort in a warm cupful of something. My daytime choice is a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of Marigold bouillon powder (I’ve mentioned this stuff before, because I have a massive tub of it. I’ve been known to enjoy Kallo brand as well, although it’s irritating that not all of their tubs are vegan.) and about half a teaspoon of dried ginger powder.


Because I have the humungous container of powder I’ve been able to transfer a few spoonfuls to a little jar to add to my stash at work. Not pictured: the remains of 100g bag of ginger I’m still trying to make progress on before its use-by at the end of next month.

Second in my line-up of soothing mugstuffs is a simple, comforting drink made from apple juice, hot water and cinnamon. It’s nice and easy, perfect if you’re not feeling too hot as it requires half a mugful of boiling water to be poured over a heaped teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, then the mug topped up with apple juice and a good stir with a teaspoon. I can’t think of a more comforting drink, with the possible exception of my final suggestion.

Last on the list, for when feeling ghastly and in need of a soothing cheer – make up a packet of vegetarian jelly crystals, strawberry for preference, with the requisite pint of water. Then fill a mug or bowl with some of the mixture, get a soup spoon and start dipping it out in spoonfuls and just wait for it to start setting in the spoon. As soon as a jiggly skin starts to form, down the hatch! It’ll still be a bit warm, and brilliantly comforting to a sore or scratchy throat.

If none of these suggestions tickles your fancy (perhaps you are feeling particularly fit and well at the moment. Good for you!)  I leave you with a picture of something I saw in a skip earlier today…


9 Comments on “Thirsty Thursday – poorly potions”

  1. OMG I needed to see this post! I’ve been sick all week! But instead of coming up with good remedies like this I’ve just been in bed. I will definitely be trying some of these tomorrow (fingers crossed it’s the last day of this, this is ridiculous). I hope you are feeling better now!


  2. ameyfm says:

    sorry you are feeling sick! my favorites for sore throats are herbal tea and ramen. Somehow ramen is my perfect sore throat food…


  3. Joey says:

    I’ve always heard that toddies are good for the lurgy, but I think that’s just an excuse to have extra booze!

    By the way, one of the Marigold bouillons now has milk powder in. I think it might be a recent addition, as I don’t remember it always being there. Highly annoying.

    Love the picture – I’d go skip diving for that!


  4. gaietygirl says:

    It’s just that time of year, isn’t it? Everyone seems to be fighting something off. On the up side – kitty! 😀


  5. Sal says:

    Oh noes – feel better soon! Cute kitty in a skip! awwww.


  6. I love Marigold Bouillon powder too, I use it with everything 🙂


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