(near the) market monday

A short walk from the market, in the Lanes area on Loseby Lane, is Currant Affairs. This is my favourite shop in Leicester. It’s pretty small but they manage to cram a huge range of stock in. It’s all vegetarian, and a lot of the groceries and food from the counter is vegan too.

Currant Affairs shop exterior facing right

shop exterior facing left

All the people who work there are lovely (and I think some of them might be reading this blog! Hi Karyn, Anne-Marie and Lucy!), and if they don’t have an item you need they can usually get it for you pretty quickly.

First to greet your eyes on a visit is the food counter in the window. They have an excellent range of filled rolls ( known as ‘cobs’ in Leicester), most of these are vegan and I particularly like the falafel and hummus, the nut burger with locally made chutney, or the carrot-cashew salad option. Most of the food in the window is produced in their kitchen upstairs. It’s been a while since I asked but they used to happily make variations on their cobs if you had a special request, such as no spread.


They also have cakes, slices and savoury pasties, mashed potato-and-carrot topped pies with a choice of filings ( all good but the nut one is my favourite), pizzas and puff pastry goodies. During colder months soup with bread is available too.

If you are after ingredients instead of lunch they won’t fail you either. Check out all the useful stuff they cram in!

Photo2783 Photo2780 Photo2779 Photo2789

There’s more…

Photo2791 Photo2797 Photo2803 Photo2805

There’s also a freezer with meat alternatives, pies, ice-cream-type things, pizzas… probably more! And at the counter they have lots of impulse buy stuff. I’m always tempted by the Sweet Vegan marshmallows when they have them, but have heroically resisted so far!


4 Comments on “(near the) market monday”

  1. Lucy says:

    Great blog entry Emily! Really awesome photos too! What a lovely shop I work at ^_^
    Lucy x


  2. tjbond5 says:

    That really looks great, even the shot of the city street is appealing to me. It’s great that you have a nice place to go to and get the vege-hookup. (Wow, I just discovered that you can add vege- to anything and it automatically makes it better.)

    ..maybe not..


  3. makedospend says:

    this looks great, I’ve never been bit i’ll definitely be visiting soon after seeing this, you’ve got me thinking about marshmallows now!


  4. That store looks awesome, I love your near the market posts.


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