Midweek munchies at Mirch Masala

I got more casual work this afternoon! I’ll be able to afford to eat the month after next, woohoo!

I didn’t have time to go home between my morning and afternoon jobs, so I popped into Mirch Masala on Market Street, a handy 3-minute walk from my workplace.


This place is great if you want to pop in for a hot, crispy, spicy snack (and if I’ve got more time to have a sit-in meal, I really like their spicy bean pizza and chips meal).

Mirch Masala has two branches in Leicester. They are a ‘pure vegetarian’ establishment, which means they use dairy but not eggs. They offer sit-in meals from the menu or lunchtime buffet, and a takeaway buffet counter and option to order take-out on any of their menu items, but I usually just grab a spring roll and/or samosa from their hot counter, as these are always tasty and they’re only 50p each if you just get the ready made ones.


They nearly always have both vegetarian and vegan options on spring rolls and samosas, I believe the veggie ones have paneer cheese in them, so if you do visit don’t be afraid to ask for the vegan ones. The vegan samosas are the classic samosa filling of peas, potatoes and spices. The ones today were very well seasoned with lots of garam masala spices and plenty of salt (I like salt!).

samosa bitten-samosa2

The spring rolls have a filling unlike any I’ve tried elsewhere. I’m not sure if they might not be using a version of sauerkraut, as they have a real tang to them. The innards may not look exciting visually, but when you get a freshly fried one with piping hot tangy cabbage filling they take some beating!

spring-roll-above spring-roll-bitten3

I’ll be going shopping tonight, so hopefully I’ll be posting about something a bit greener in the next few days. I’m from the ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ school of thought though, and I definitely fancied these.