£100 challenge – day five

Being a Saturday that I didn’t have to work, it was a temptation to just slouch around the house, however as it’s been intermittently cloudy and sunny it seemed a pity to waste any smidges of sunshine to be had outside, so my boyfriend picked me up in his car and we went on an adventure in glamorous Oadby!

When I say “adventure” what I actually mean is that we looked around a couple of charity shops and supermarkets. He’s on the £100 challenge too, apart from a weekend towards the end of the month that he’d already committed to weeks ago, so I was impressed with his reckless spending of £7.50 for a jacket from the Loros shop. And he bought some beer!

I wasn’t immune to the lure of consumerism either. I got a jar of pimento-stuffed olives from the Co-op. The shelf price was £1, but B has a NUS+ card which apparently gives 10% off purchases so that was 90p instead. I like to add olives to my hummus to make it a bit more interesting, but only a few at a time so they should last a little while.

We went to Asda for the beer (I really loathe the layout and vibe in every Asda I’ve been to, but occasionally pop in to buy their Shades brand recycled bog roll , and marvel at the horridness of the store once again). I was going to see if they had any nice-looking soya sauce (they didn’t) but my eye was first caught by their 60p cauliflowers, which is cheap for a supermarket cauli I think, and then I saw one that looked perfectly fresh reduced to 40p, so I nabbed that.

Total spend for the month now £4.65 on food. I also paid B for a ticket he bought me for a gig we’re going to later this month, which was £12.10 including booking fee, so that brings total spend up to £16.75. Not great, but it could be worse.

When I got home it was gone lunchtime so I made a quick lentil soup with garam-masala croutons from the last of the bread rolls I made on Monday, which had gone pretty stale by this point. See my feeble attempt at food styling? The croutons are supposed to represent a flower, in case it’s not obvious…

bowl of orange-coloured lentil soup, with rough oblongs of pan-fried bread oon the surface of the soup. there is a spoon handle coming out of the soup pointing toward the bottom of the photo, and the croutons and handle together are supposed to look like a flower and its stalk.