£100 challenge – days 12 and 13

I’ve had a lovely weekend away visiting my parents, and come back loaded down with bounty! I’m now the proud owner of an enormous pumpkin (you could easily hollow it out and fit a couple of cats in there), a medium sized pumpkin (you’d probably be able to fit one smallish cat in that but you’d have to really squish it in*), half a bag of apples, several courgettes, some runner beans, a head of calabrese, some home grown grapes and two butternut squashes!

We had a harvest supper last night, which was a really lovely idea to celebrate all the great stuff that had been grown either on the allotment, in the garden or given by friends. One of the meal components was home-grown carrots and it’s always amusing to see how varied the shapes of those are compared to most shop-bought ones. I thought this one looked like it was having a bit of a jig.


Here are some of the pumpkins, looking very decorative, I believe the one in the middle is the medium sized one I brought back with me, to give some idea of the size.


I got a further nice surprise. I thought I would be paying for the whole cost of petrol, which turned out to be just under £28 there and back, but B insisted on going halves. I also spent £1 on an anniversary card for my parents (I should really have made this!), so my spend for the weekend is £15 and the total month’s spend is now £33.62.

I do feel a bit like getting given all this stuff is cheating. Kind of. I’m mostly just pleased to be getting all this lovely produce! And while I don’t have to worry about buying fresh stuff for a good while, there are quite a few other things I’ve hankered after that this challenge has made me think twice about buying. I’m keeping a list and will see what I still actually think is worth splashing out on in December…


*no cats were squished in the making of this blog post.


2 Comments on “£100 challenge – days 12 and 13”

  1. This Vegan says:

    Love the pics! I wish stores would sell the less than perfect produce. It’s much more fun!


  2. Rachel says:

    Great looking pumpkin!


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