£100 challenge – day fourteen

Beware the banana! Or rather, beware freezing bananas in value-range freezer bags, and freezing savoury pasties near them. My mushroom pasties, which I made last month and froze most of, seemed a perfect idea to quickly shove in the oven when I came home very hungry from work, having not taken any breakfast with me apart from a few dried apricots. Alas! They are now mushroom-and-banana flavour.

To go with the pasties, I have frozen peas which I heated up with leftover quinoa and some of my last jar of mushroom risotto sauce. The sauce was from Sainsbury’s, I bought 4 jars when they were reduced from about £1.60 right down to 25p, presumably because nobody in their right mind would pay over £1.50 for a 200g jar of sauce. However, they were pretty good value at 25p, I wish I’d cleared the shelves of them now, instead of just buying 4 jars. 🙂

No money spent today. I’m off later to do a couple of hours extra work and then tomorrow I have extra too, so that’s nice. November is starting to look slightly less sparse on the pay front!

(I ate yesterday’s beans last night, and I’m saving the calabrese for tonight, in case you’re wondering why I’m eating frozen stuff.)


One Comment on “£100 challenge – day fourteen”

  1. Mihl says:

    I had no idea that this happens when you freeze stuff. I’ll better store my frozen bananas seperately. Thanks for the tip!


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