£100 challenge – days 15 and 16

Steadily working my way through the freezer now, using up the tail ends of packets of convenience foods I either forgot about, or didn’t like enough to eat while there was nicer stuff around to scoff, but didn’t dislike enough to justify chucking.

I’ve just eaten a lonely, banana-tainted pita-bread found at the back of the freezer, fortunately the banana went well enough with the jam and peanut butter I’d chosen to have inside (will need more peanut butter imminently), and have some (from what I remember) disappointing Moroccan burgers and falafel heating up. I also found some boxes of possibly-stew? I’d made, frozen and neglected to label, so I’m going to take those to work for lunch tomorrow. Fun! Danger! Will they be delicious or disgusting, who can say?? Tune in for tomorrow’s thrilling episode!

Money spent yesterday and today = £0, so still in the low thirties for the month!


3 Comments on “£100 challenge – days 15 and 16”

  1. This Vegan says:

    lol living life on the edge!


  2. I know well the feeling of diving into an unmarked box in the freezer. Good luck!


  3. You’re doing really well with your challenge 🙂 Fingers crossed the box contains something tasty!


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