£100 challenge – day twenty-two

Went to work, then went to some different work via this place –


New Walk, one of the prettiest places in central Leicester, especially at night. The following is a shot I took last night coming home in the drizzle, but whatever the weather New Walk is always beautiful. Obviously my phone-cam doesn’t remotely do it justice!


I’ve avoided spending any money today, although I’m running low on or completely out of some stuff I’d quite like to have. I ate the last of the rice noodles today with more of the pumpkin stew (with a few additions), I’ve been out of facial tissues for some time and I’m starting to run out of the other kind, too. I could do with some more tights, and I’d really like to get a portable economical heater, but I think that will be completely impossible this month. I’m worried that if I leave it until it gets cold they’ll become more difficult to procure or the price will go up. Probably fretting over nothing though.

It was the final of the Great British Bake Off tonight! I won’t give away who won, because I’ve had a couple of episodes spoilered before I could catch up and it was infuriating! However, I didn’t think it was too bad a result and the winner seemed so happy I was really pleased for her.

As usual, I’d made a little something to scoff while watching. My very basic chocolate cake, doctored up with some orange oil and preserved ginger. Did the job.

4 Comments on “£100 challenge – day twenty-two”

  1. Rachel says:

    I haven’t bought facial tissues for years and years. We use hankies. They’re much cheaper and softer on the nose. Although there is a bit of any initial outlay when you first buy them.


    • dropscone says:

      I did have a go at making some hankies from old fabric a while back, maybe I’ll give that another go. They were a bit rough last time. I don’t use facial tissues much but I like to keep box on my desk at work as they’re useful for a variety of things including offering to colleagues who are sniffling 😉


  2. I was very pleased with the outcome of Bake Off too 🙂 I always by Sainsbury’s Basics facial tissues, they’re very good quality for the price.


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