£100 challenge – day twenty-three

First, here’s a picture of my empty tissue box, with the jaunty cover crocheted by my friend Cathleen. It was one of my favourite birthday presents back in July, and I took it to work to cheer up my desk space, a job it accomplishes admirably. You can see why I’m eager to restore it to its full tissue-spouting glory!

tissue box with rainbow striped cover

No money spent today so I’m in credit, and could rush out and spend £6.40 with a clear conscience in the next 43 minutes, or £9.63 tomorrow. This is good. I’m well on target, so even £1 for a square box of tissues from Superdrug, though I could get double the tissues for two-thirds the price by choosing a value brand in an oblong box, is a modest extravagance I’m prepared to meet.

Since I’m doing okay this month, but planning on cutting next months budget down, and since I’m making up my own rules, I now have to ask myself what happens if I end up over or under target. Do I start with a clean slate, or should any saving be rewarded by being able to roll over some or all of any underspend?

I do have a dental check-up due early next month, think that will come to £22.50, so it would be helpful to bring some over, but maybe less of a challenge?