Foraged fuchsia (£100 challenge, day 24)

I first learnt that fuchsias produce edible, and in fact fairly nice-tasting fruit from Alys Fowler’s book The Thrifty Forager, which was given to me as a leaving present in my last job ( the person who chose it remarked that it seemed just my sort of thing). Some plants seem to produce bigger or more obvious fruit than others, and fortunately there’s a good fruiter on my way home from work. Well, good is relative, but I usually manage to find 3-4 fruits every time I pass it around this time of year. Today’s crop was better though!

hand holding berries

Okay, so it’s all of 15 grams, but a nice, freshly-picked, free pre-lunch snack never goes amiss! If you’ve never tried them, I’d say the flavour is a bit similar to a mild-tasting grape, with a similar texture but with a thinner skin and much smaller, peppery-tasting pips. Worth trying, especially as fuchsias are pretty common. I did get permission to pick these ( they’re planted outside a church) from some rather bemused people who obviously had no idea why I’d want to, and it’s obvious not many people forage these, I often see the fruit splattered on the ground under other plants I’ve seen. Seems a waste. Not sure why the birds don’t nab them?

No money spent yet today. Going for dinner at friends’ later, and they’ve asked someone to bring pudding. Not sure if anyone else already replied, but if not I’m thinking of making some kind of pumpkin pie. I’ll take pics if it comes out any good!


2 Comments on “Foraged fuchsia (£100 challenge, day 24)”

  1. Penniless Veggie says:

    Blimey, had no idea fuchsia berries were edible, I’d’ve definitely passed those by as tummy-upset inducing. Must look up the thrifty forager, I make far too little use of our country lanes and woodlands. Though I have been getting in chestnuts just lately, which are lovely!


  2. I had no idea fuchsias produced fruit, let alone edible fruit! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them. Maybe I’ll have to invest in that book myself, free food is always a good thing. Good luck for the pumpkin pie!


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