£100 challenge – days 28 and 29

Yesterday I finally bought those tissues, so the month’s spend is now at £68.79.

square tissue box with rainbow-striped crocheted cover


It would have been more if I’d seen any greens at rhe right price. I keep looking for cabbage, but nowhere I looked was selling any. Does cabbage go out of season? 

Meals have been very pumpkin/onion/chickpea-centred. Apart from a small amount of pumpkin pie leftover filling, I’m actually finished with that medium pumpkin as of this evening! I must find a costume for the big one and put it in the front window (thinking silver wig, googly eyes…). Dressing up rather than carving is because I want to eat this pumpkin, but not yet! Also, I’ve been offering shares to people, and they probably won’t want a slice of pumpkin with a face cut out of it!


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