November ninety – day seven

Nothing needed doing to my teeth, so although I’m £18 worse off for having someone peering into my gob for five minutes at least it means I stay on my decent NHS dentist’s books, when I know they’re not taking more NHS patients at the moment, and I don’t have agonising mouth pain, and hopefully won’t in the near future. Hurrah.

I’m doing extra work tomorrow, which will involve a walk through Victoria Park. Even with the cuts the council is having to make they still seem to be doing a good job maintaining public spaces for now, and even though it was raining yesterday when this picture was taken they still managed to get out to clear the fallen leaves off the pathways and stop them turning into a squelchy mess.

Park and yellow truck on pathway, open back has fallen leaves collected in it

while I was waiting for my appointment today, I had a phone call from a site I’ve never worked at before, offering me an extra five and three quarters hours work on the weekend. I quite like working at lots of different venues, it makes a change, I get to meet new people, and I have a good excuse for not knowing what I’m doing! In light of this extra work but corresponding reduction in leisure time I may treat myself to a drink later at Pizza Express. For anyone who has a Tesco Clubcard and doesn’t already know this, you can get £10 worth of Pizza Express food vouchers for every £2.50 in clubcard points. B has £20 in vouchers so is going to treat me later, but drinks are not included in the vouchers so I was just going to have tapwater, but heck, I might just treat myself to a pink lemonade.


3 Comments on “November ninety – day seven”

  1. Rachel says:

    I have to say that £18 for a dental checkup is extremely cheap. You wouldn’t find anything as cheap as that in NZ.


  2. I hope you have a lovely meal out, and good for you for securing extra hours 🙂


    • dropscone says:

      Thank you. We did have a very pleasant meal. I like cooking for myself, but it does make a nice change to get someone else to do the cooking occasionally! I didn’t even have to pay for my drink (kinda cheaty, but we do take it in turns to provide meals for each other anyway).


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