November ninety – day eight

Much as I do like butternut squash, pumpkin and courgette, I do feel rather overdosed on them at the moment. I couldn’t face another squash-based dinner tonight, so I bought potatoes and frozen peas (and a bottle of fizzy water) at Morrison’s after work. I also contributed a pound to the tip for yesterday’s meal, so my total spend for the month is now at £26.52, which is £2.52 over my goal for the day. I did really enjoy my dinner of mashed potatoes and a stew of onions, cabbage, peas, tinned tomatoes and garlic. Probably sounds boring but it tasted good, and tomorrow I’ll have the stew with pasta.

I’m experimenting with soaking the pasta in the stew overnight to re-hydrate it. Then the whole thing just needs re-heating rather than having to waste energy bringing a pot to boil, adding the pasta and keeping the heat on under the pan while it cooks for 8-10 minutes. I read a blurb on Serious Eats earlier about a similar method, so hopefully I should have perfectly and cheaply-cooked pasta tomorrow…


2 Comments on “November ninety – day eight”

  1. Sometimes the most simple dinners are the best 🙂 You’re doing so well on your challenge. I think mine is providing a good learning curve, I’ll know how to do things better next month 🙂 Best wishes.


    • dropscone says:

      Thanks, and yeah, I think they do take a while to get into. I did terribly the first time I did a similar challenge a few years ago, I really shouldn’t have tried to combine it with going to the Edinburgh festival!


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