November ninety – day nine

Yesterday my spend was at £26.52, which was over my goal of £24 for day eight. I wasn’t able to get back on track today either, as I had work too far away from my house to walk it so needed to pay bus fare. Also, the bus got me there twenty minutes before the building opened, and the only warm place to go was a nearby Co-op, where they happened to have reduced-price goods I wished to purchase, such as not-from-concentrate orange juice and ‘truly irresistible’ seedy bread at half price (even though the use-by isn’t until tomorrow), with the result that my spend today was £5.69, taking the month’s total to £32.21, that’s £5.21 over today’s target.

In better news, the pasta I put raw into yesterday’s leftover stew softened up just fine and it made a good, filling lunch after heating up in the microwave at the place I was working.


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