Bargains at the market! (November ninety, day 15)

Halfway through the month!

Since I was in credit, and I really fancied some tofu and a looksee at the market to try for cheap bananas, I headed across town after the morning at work. I popped into the Chinese grocery next to the market for calcium-set tofu, £1.30 for 600g, then headed across the road towards the market.

One of the stalls regularly sells organic pointy sweet peppers a few for a pound, and today the bowls were extra large. True, some of them were slightly wizened, so I may have to process them fairly quickly and freeze some, but they’ll add interest to lots of meals!

red, yellow and orange peppers in a row

There’s a stall that sells sweets, crisps and snacks at knock-down prices and they had The Dormen mixed nuts (baked almonds, cashews, macadamias and pistachio nuts) in 130g foil bags, three bags for a pound! True, they were past the sell-by, so I bought a three bags and opened one. Seemed absolutely fine, so I bought another three bags, and will stick most of them in the freezer to be on the safe side. When I came home I checked the normal retail price and they seem to go for over two quid a bag, so I’m very pleased.

bowl containing bags of nuts

I also bought a savoy cabbage for 60p, and 20 clementines with leaves (showing freshness) for a pound, so that’s a total of £5.90, bringing the month’s spend to £44.17.

November ninety – day fourteen

cup with smoothie, held in front of signboard

Left my lunch at home so went shopping for crackers at lunchtime and saw a new place was opening today in town. Their shtick seems to be that everything contains chia seeds, which they say they won’t be charging an arm and leg for. They gave me  a free smoothie. Originally it was sprinkled attractively with what I assume were chia seeds but I drank some before remembering to take a picture.

The place looks interesting but it’s a bit mysterious, because it’s been looking ready to open for months, so am very interested to see that not only is there a cafe-type-place on one side looking like it will have smoothies, pizzas, and other things, but across the shopping area is a sister shop selling bread and baked goods. They didn’t appear to have ingredient labels on, however. I will return to investigate when it’s not launch day!

man plays saxophone in front of cafe

Went on to buy crackers and tinned tomatoes at Currant Affairs, checked out a health-food-and-supplements shop down Silver Street and bought a big tub of herb salt to keep at work (also noticing they had an entirely new range of vegan sausages, which I inexplicably forgot to take a photo of and now can’t remember the name), then got 8 limes for 50p from the market. Total spend today £5.81, bringing total for month so far to £38.27.