November ninety – day seventeen

I met my friends by the fountain in Town Hall Square. The lights/movements for the storybook tableaux weren’t on yet as the big town lights switch-on is later today, but it was all looking very tidy and ready to go.


There were some nice things at the fair, and I was tempted by some chipotle sauce, as well as some jewellery made from beads that looked like tiny different pieces of fruit, but in the end I escaped spending just £1.50 on one stall and with inspiration for some things I can make myself (don’t worry, I’m not going to rip-off other people’s ideas, it’s just inspiring to see what can be done).

We took a quick walk into the main shopping area and I took advantage of B’s discount card to get 10% off the already very reasonably priced English mustard at Co-op, as well as some emergency baked beans. I also got a couple more clip-lock containers at Poundland as they are a very handy size and not often in stock.

We then went to Morrisons, where I noticed garlic bulbs had gone up from 25p to 30p, so I thought I may as well get the organic two-pack at 60p. I also got a knob of ginger for 7p, which should liven up a meal or two, or maybe some smoothies.

Total spend for the day = £4.36.
Total spend for the month so far = £48.53 (target for day 17 is £51 or less).

a cunning plan!

Going into town to a craft and food festival at the market this morning. I only have £6.70ish in credit so I don’t want to be tempted by anyone selling vegan muffins or other sweet goodies, unless they really look too good to miss, so I’ve treated myself to a sweet breakfast already!

3tbs self-raising flour, 3.5 tbs water, 1/2 tbs sugar, pinch of salt and a handful of frozen redcurrants and dried cherries made a single pancake, which I fried in a bit of oil, then drizzled with golden syrup and lime juice. The berries prevented it getting as brown as I would have liked (or possibly my impatience to eat it did that) but I feel like I’ve taken reasonable precautions now against unnecessary spending!