November ninety – day eighteen

Drizzle at lunchtime made me reluctant to walk a mile and a half to work in the afternoon so I spent £1.90 on a bus ticket. That got me there early so I checked out the Loros charity “vintage” shop. I’m not sure Per Una is old enough to classify as vintage just yet! There was a nice swishy royal purple skirt from a different brand, but not seven quid nice, so total spend for the day stayed at £1.90.

Spend for the month is now £50.43.

2 Comments on “November ninety – day eighteen”

  1. Jeana Takes Vermont says:

    Good on you passing on the skirt. I realize how hard that can be. Clothes were once my biggest weakness. I’ve graduated into shopping second hand and occasionally picking up free items. I don’t know if these are common in your area, but here in the states, it is fairly common during certain parts of the year for churches and other organizations to hold free used clothing events. I went with a friend last weekend to a couple of these, and picked up a cute coat, some skirts, a couple items for the boyfriend, and several sweaters that while a little ragged in some areas, will do nicely as re-purposed beanies and scarves.

    Oh, and hello! I’ve been following your blog for a bit. My own blog is a bit dead in the water, but I retain a major interest in a sustainable, happy, frugal lifestyle. I’m hoping to “re-purpose” my own blog soon into something also a bit more sustainable for regular posting. Just wanted to say hello as I always enjoy reading. Thank you for writing!


    • dropscone says:

      I don’t think we have anything like those free clothing jamborees round here, I wish we did! Nearest to that was a clothes swish a friend had a few years ago where we all brought clothes we didn’t wear any more and then could choose from the pile of clothes (and the remaining ones were donated to a charity shop).

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and thank you for commenting!


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