November ninety – day nineteen

Another day at two different workplaces and I ran out of inspiration and enthusiasm when trying to come up with a packed lunch from the contents of the cupboards, fridge or freezer, so I turned from the frugal path and bought my lunch in town. The shame!


How could I pass up the opportunity for getting a mushroom and tofu pasty though, if it’s today only?! (although I am slightly suspicious about why they would only have them on one day and NEVER AGAIN, so I suspect they may be back in the future. If not, I’ve been part of an exclusive group of pasty-munchers).

There were other products also new to Currant Affairs:


vegan brownies and cupcakes. I’d been lucky enough to sample the brownies when Karyn was expanding the vegan range for her Chocoholic business, so I went for the cupcake, which was a proper old-school cocoa-rich cake, small but powerful.

I also spent £3.50 at the market on bananas, more clementines and more nuts (too good a bargain to leave at the previous 6 bags), bringing the total day’s spend to £6.50, and the total for the month so far to £56.93, 7p shy of today’s maximum target of £57.