November ninety, day 25

Unexpectedly got offered afternoon work this morning, so spent £3.55 on lunch in town. Total spend so far this month is £69.98 (target for day 25 is up to £75), although I did have some spring rolls and a drink bought for me on Sunday and was too weak (read hungover) to insist on paying for them after attending a rather fun but late-running Doctor Who themed party on Saturday night.

I have to say this month has been a bit of a slog, I’m really looking forward to Sunday.

I have two mobile phones, one of which I keep as a backup and go months at a time without topping up, the main one has internet access and I usually top that up by £10 every 8 weeks or so, but I’m totally out of credit on that one now and really low on the other one, and it’s very awkward! I’ve been dithering about whether to hang on until the end of the challenge, or just top up tomorrow. It’s slightly embarrassing to have to tell people you’re out of credit. Maybe I’m just imagining there’s an awkward pause every time I explain why I can’t call someone, but I feel like they feel like I’m inconveniencing them. And I kind of resent the social expectations that need a certain amount of money to be facilitated. I think people who don’t have to worry about money at this level forget how many thngs rely on having a certain amount of extra cash to be maintained. Yes, this challenge is self-imposed to a degree, but if I fall ill for a couple of weeks and can’t pick up extra work then it stops being a challenge and becomes the actual state of my finances.

Because I do have to continue to be careful, I’ll be continuing to set a budget in December, just not quite such a strict one. If I aim for a fiver a day, and then back down to a lower amount in January I am thinking I might find a laptop I’ll be able to afford in the January sales. That’s if I continue to be offered extra hours and don’t get a lurgy in the meantime!


6 Comments on “November ninety, day 25”

  1. Rachel says:

    I can understand the resentment over having to always have credit on your phone. Just ignore other people’s expectations in this regard. Humans managed to communicate very well before mobile phones came along.


  2. I always find it amazing how people seem to want you to spend when you tell them that you’re trying to save, bizarre. You’re doing really well with your budgeting challenge 🙂


  3. Laura says:

    You’ve totally inspired me to try this challenge next month (in December no less)! I am totally impressed!


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