January 62 (someone help me come up with a better title!)

Totay I spent money for the first time this year.

A downside to these spending challenges has been a temptation to loll around the house as I don’t like going for a walk for the sake of it. If I’m not going to work, visiting friends, visiting a gallery, cinema, pub, etc. or going shopping I’m not motivated to just go for a stroll. Thus I justified a trip into town to spend money on food when it wasn’t strictly necessary for meals, on the grounds that it was necessary for exercise and for seeing another living soul.

Had a lovely chat with people in Currant Affairs and bought a tin of tomatoes (76p) and a packet of sesame seeds (£1.75). Then I went to the market and got five pointy peppers for £1. Total spend for the month now £3.51 out of a maximum target of £8 for day 4 of this month’s challenge.

I’m already planning to go back up to £100 for February as it’s the comedy festival here in Leicester and I’d like to see a few shows. I’m also going to take forward anything I don’t spend this month, plus the leftover money from the last two challenges.


One Comment on “January 62 (someone help me come up with a better title!)”

  1. FittyUpdike says:

    I need to give myself a money challenge!


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