Jan62 – day six

Ate my packed lunch by 11am (to be fair it was only a smallish bread roll with peanut butter because I was short on time and inspiration this morning), so I bought some blueberry soya yoghurt from Green and Pleasant on Queens Road before I went to my afternoon job. £1.90 for 400g which I felt was rather steep, but it did taste good and wasn’t a bag of chips, which is what I was tempted to get.

I also bought a Big Issue from my usual vendor, who I was surprised to see there as it’s not her usual pitch, but she said this one is better so I was pleased for her, and for me that the cover price has gone back to £2.50 after the hike to £3 over the holiday period.

£4.40 spend today, added to £3.51 comes to £7.91 (goal for day six is a max of £12), so I feel like I’m doing okay so far.


2 Comments on “Jan62 – day six”

  1. You’re definitely doing great so far! I’d love to know what cheap meals you’re cooking during this challenge 🙂 I need all the inspiration I can get!


    • dropscone says:

      So far I haven’t cooked anything very exciting. I bought 5 kilos of red lentils for about £5.70 from Tesco back in December, and most hot meals since have been variations on lentil soup or curry. Pulses and the many many kilos of onions are my mainstay, although I have also made marmalade muffins using value marmalade at 22p a jar. Need to refine the recipe before I post it though.


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