This way to cornbread!

I bought a few of my Live Below the Line food choices in duplicate so I could practice some recipes before the week itself. With the self-raising flour, the main thing I plan to make with that is a variety of quick-bread type things. Two days ago I made a dome-shape loaf using 150g SR flour, 30g peanut butter, a pinch of salt and just enough water so it formed a dough I could knead for a few seconds. It was pretty tasty!

Today, I thought I’d try adding more water to see if that improved the texture (I don’t think so, the firmer dough seems to rise just fine) and making it more of a cake batter texture so it formed a thin layer in the pan (which is about 8″ square). I also added 50g crushed cornflakes to vary the texture. It was quite pleasant, though I think next time I’ll add some mustard or onion pickle juice in too to make it a bit more interesting.

Ingredients cost breakdown:

(bag of flour 45p for 1.5kg) 150g self-raising flour = 4.5p
(peanut butter 62p for 340g) 34g peanut butter (I was going for 30 but too much dripped off the fork) = 6.2p
(cornflakes 31p for 500g) 50g cornflakes – 3.1p
(salt – 25p for kg) pinch of salt. Let’s say .2p, as that rounds up the total to 14p.

The picture above is only half the quantity the recipe made, and it was pretty filling, so I definitely think that would do as a day’s worth of bready stuff.


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