A new low for oats…

…in a good way!

lidl oats

I noticed earlier this year that a Lidl store was “under construction” on their store-finder 0.7 miles from my house. I’ve been checking the site every couple of weeks since then and it finally showed as open when I looked today, so I eagerly trotted over to check it out.

I found a few good bits and bobs. I got a can of coconut milk that is actually mostly coconut (rather than 48% plus thickeners and water, like some I have seen) for 79p, 4 big bulbs of garlic for 89p and some cashew nuts at £1.49 for 200g (so just under 75p per 100g). They also had some of the lowest prices I’d seen for a few staples I didn’t buy at this time but wanted to note for future reference. I didn’t buy the oats pictured above, but in a real penny-watching situation the information that 500g bags are available for 39p is useful. These packets didn’t say what country the oats are from that I could see, but I did find some Scottish porridge oats at 99p for 1kg, which is also a pretty good price. Other highlights included big jars of gherkins for 65p (I’ve had them before and they’re really nice, and the jars are a good size for re-using), and 1kg sugar for 49p, which is the lowest price I’ve seen sugar for quite a while (EDIT: I’ve since been to Aldi, who are also selling sugar for 49p and theirs is produced in the UK, a bonus for my next challenge which is going to be a local eating one).

Lidl is good in marking a lot of their own brand stuff suitable for vegans, even if you have to take a magnifying glass to the label to spot it sometimes, so that’s another plus for them. They also had a not-too-bad selection of Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified goods and one or two organic items as well.

I’m pleased to add this option to the already wide choice of supermarkets nearby, especially as it means I can now walk there then wander around for hours on my own, price-checking stuff and peering at labels and telling passers by that this is a great price (yes, I did that to some poor man nearby when I spotted the oats today!), rather than having to con someone into giving me a lift and then trying their patience so they eventually resort to “herding” me towards the tills!


6 Comments on “A new low for oats…”

  1. Geraldine says:

    Aren’t bargains great.😀😀


  2. V 8 Mile says:

    I haven’t had much luck with the Lidl near me, but I should give them another shot. Maybe their stuff varies from country to country? (I’m in Poland…)


  3. TGR Worzel says:

    I couldn’t eat porridge oats in the traditional way, as a stodgy breakfast cereal, but they are good value and I do quite like them used a substitute for crumble mix when making a fruit crumble. Doesn’t always look very appetising (porridge never does), but it tastes OK and is fat-free so healthier than the crumble mix.

    See http://tgrworzels.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/tgr-worzels-breakfast-apple.html

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    • dropscone says:

      You’re a braver person that I am, eating a cooking apple with no sugar!

      Oats also make quite a nice pancake if you’re out of flour. You can just blend them up with water or the milk of your choice and a pinch of salt to make a batter and fry them in the usual way. Bit frailer than wheat flour, but taste good.

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      • TGR Worzel says:

        You know, I don’t give sugar a second thought theses days. There’s a bag in my kitchen cupboard, but I couldn’t tell you how many years it has sat there. Occasionally gets used if I have a visitor who takes sugar in tea/coffee, but most of them don’t so it just sits there…

        I like the idea of using oats as a substitute for flour, in pancakes. I will definitely try that.

        Thanks for your comments & various follows today. I’ve added Dropscone to the blogroll on The Complete Works of TGR Worzel and will definitely visit again

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