Market (and nearby) Monday

Got my avocados this week! I saw avocado feature in so many other people’s MoFo blogs I really started wanting some. Think I can risk £1, especially as the bowl I got had 5, not 4 avocado pears in it. I’m going to make some bread later, as the first way I ever had avocado (smooshed up on wholemeal bread with salt, pepper and vinegar) is still my favourite way to eat them. 



Nothing else really caught my eye, apart from a bag of pickling onions I dithered over before deciding against, so I’m going to fill out this post with some eulogising about one of my favourite places near the market, Just fair trade shop.


This is a couple of minutes walk away from Leicester Market, on Silver Street, and is nearly always the first place I go to when I’m looking for cards or gifts. Although veganism is strictly only about avoiding harm to animals as far as possible, I believe most vegans are pretty socially conscious in general and try to include humans in their not-harming endeavours. I’m obviously not the only one, as there’s clearly a market for cross-sectional do-gooding if the array of vegan-friendly goodies on offer here is anything to go by. For example, they have intentionally vegan chocolate as well as stuff that’s ingredient-suitable although it has “may contain traces…” style warnings (I’m looking at you, Divine chocolate!)




Particularly pleased to see the cinder toffee, as I’ve not seen this before, and I do miss crunchie bars very occasionally (although really, after 16 years I only have the haziest memory of what they actually tasted like).

They also have quite a good selection of other grocery items like olive oil, spice mixes, couscous, drinks, a few beans, and some tasty-looking (albeit pricey) spreads, and a choice of several teas and coffees. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a ‘suitable for vegans’ label on tea before!



So yes, well worth a visit if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.


Market Monday – bargain of the day (VeganMoFo 2013)

I’m lucky enough to work within easy walking distance of what was apparently voted ‘Britain’s favourite market’ in 2009. It’s rather a large affair:Image

and there are quite a few stalls selling similar things, particularly fruit and veg, so prices are very competitive. 

Today’s bargain – 6 bananas for 50p. Here are five of them, I ate one while I was at work. 



Having forked over my coin of the realm, I went around the other side of the stall (to get to my next purchase, some root ginger for a quid), only to discover I could have had over double the amount of bananas for the same price, just with a few more brown spots. It’s probably just as well I didn’t though, as my freezer is a bit full.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment to find out what I made with my market purchases, and about the kindness of a work colleague…