November ninety – day ten

No spend today, and I’ll have 79p in the budget for tomorrow!

Regular readers will know that my oven has stopped working properly. Perhaps it sensed that I don’t have much worth baking at the moment, but I’m pretty sure the fan option has started fanning heat away from the interior of the oven rather than around the food inside, so I hanker for a mini oven. Actually, it has just meant a sharp increase in a pre-existing hankering condition which I’ve been suffering from for many years.

Given that Argos has a sale on mini ovens at the moment, but the options are still £29.99 or above, that would be a cripplingly large chunk out of the month’s allowance, however, a possible fix to my dilemma has now come up. B hasn’t had a working conventional oven since he moved house two years ago, but since he does have a microwave, grill and hob and doesn’t often feel the desire to bake cakes he’s got along without an oven pretty well…or so he thought, until I kept going on and on about mini ovens and how fantastic it would be to have one. This endless product endorsement, coupled with the fact that he’s throwing a party soon and became excited about the possibility of ovening party snack food, has led to him purchasing an oven instead at the sale price. We have an agreement that if he doesn’t think he’ll carry on using the oven after the month is up, I will buy it from him. If he’s happy with the way it performs I will buy one myself (provided they’re still on sale after the month ends). Win win 🙂


£100 challenge – day twenty-six

Big, exciting news, everyone! Are you ready?….. wait for it….

I finally cracked open one of the four Christmas puddings that have been sitting in my cupboard since January!

And the crowd goes wild! They didn’t expect that!

Yeah, sorry, my life is pretty boring at the moment. Instead of steaming the whole thing for hours when there’s no way I can get through 400+ grams of pudding in one go, and the packaging says not to reheat it, I just cut a couple of slices, lightly oiled my cast iron frying pan and put them on a medium heat for a few minutes each side. Sure, they were a bit chewier than Christmas pudding generally is, but I just drowned them in sauce (which included leftover chestnut and leftover pumpkin pie filling). Yum yum.

No spending again today. I’m still on £67.79 at the moment, but my oven has gone peculiar in the last few days, taking a very long time to come up to anything near baking temperature. I’ve been wanting a toaster/mini oven for years, especially just to heat a beanburger or two – obviously turning on a full size oven to do that is pretty wasteful. Now I’m thinking that if I carry over £30 to next month that can go towards something halfway decent – I’ve seen some “rotisserie” mini ovens around fifty quid, but they also come with shelves, and have a grill/broiler function, which I don’t currently have in my oven even when it’s working properly. It’d be nice to have the ability to brown the tops of things!

So, say I get the mini oven. That’s £20 from next month’s £90 straight away. Another £22ish for the dentist leaves me with £48. I also really want to go to another gig, which is going to be another £12ish. There are also Christmas fairs I’ve said I’m going to. My mother has pointed out to me (and this had genuinely escaped my attention!) that I’ll probably want to buy Christmas presents at these fairs. Even if there’s only a tenner’s worth of stuff from a fair that leaves less than £30 for food, and cupboards are noticeably emptier now, though I do still have a lot of gluten-free flour I bought to experiment with, pumpkin, squash and onions. Plus three and a bit Christmas puddings, of course.

Maybe I just cook everything on the stovetop for a while, eh?

Finally, here’s a leaf I found on my way into town some time back. I didn’t tamper with it, it was this shape when I spotted it. Pretty, huh?

heart shaped leaf