November ninety – day twenty-seven

Leicester Adult Education College was having one of their regular craft sales today (they seem to hold them once or twice a year), where they sell items which students have created during classes but not wanted to take away themselves for whatever reason. As you can imagine, the quality varies widely but it’s worth having a look, especially if you only work five minutes away!


At the last sale I was very taken with the work of one particular student as it had a lot of quirky charm, but unfortunately I hadn’t taken much cash with me. I still managed to procure a woodland themed planter, i.e. a plant-pot-holder in the shape of a tree trunk with various creatures (one of them apparently a very large squirrel) disporting themselves upon or nearby said trunk.

This time there wasn’t anything quite as eccentric, which is probably just as well for my budget, and I just spent a fiver on some festive decorations, not pictured in case I decide to give them to someone who also happens to read this blog! (I have asked most people for a present truce, but I’m not sure everyone will comply).

So, spend today £5, taking month’s spend to £77.50 out of a target of up to £81 for day 27.