November ninety – twenty days down, ten to go!

I’ve done enough extra work for the month to stop January looking too bad now. This afternoon I did five extra hours in a lovely warm building, but it was over 2 1/2 miles from the morning job, uphill, so I got a bus there (and a lift back). The £1.50 spent on the fare was all I spent today, so I carry £1.57 over to tomorrow. 

I took potato salad to work, along with nuts, bananas and clementines. I was really wanting chocolate today but that will have to wait until tomorrow when I will be turning another of the lurking Christmas puddings into chocolate-nut-fruit slab pudding (catchy recipe title, eh?) to take to the dinner I’m invited to. I’m looking forward to dinner out, as the best thing I can say about what I ate this evening is that it wasn’t terrible considering it was mostly leftovers and contained a large proportion of cabbage and split peas.


November ninety – day eighteen

Drizzle at lunchtime made me reluctant to walk a mile and a half to work in the afternoon so I spent £1.90 on a bus ticket. That got me there early so I checked out the Loros charity “vintage” shop. I’m not sure Per Una is old enough to classify as vintage just yet! There was a nice swishy royal purple skirt from a different brand, but not seven quid nice, so total spend for the day stayed at £1.90.

Spend for the month is now £50.43.

£100 challenge – day twenty-one

Yesterday we went to the gig I splashed out on earlier this month. The band was good, but the experience was a little marred by them having a guy tuning up the lead singer’s guitars just to the right of the stage, while the gig was going on. We were sitting quite near him and it was a pretty full house so we couldn’t move, and a lot of the songs were quite quiet.  We could hear his off-key twangs clearly, and it was difficult not to be distracted from the main performance. This doesn’t seem usual to me. Since when have performers not just tuned their instruments (if needed) between songs? Very strange.

Today it is raining and a bit windy. This afternoon I’ll be doing a stint of casual work, I’m using one of their computers to type this before I get started. It’s probably only a couple of miles from my morning job, maybe less, but it’s all slightly uphill and seeing as it was a bit of a horrible day I decided to get the bus. That set me back £2.40 for a single, which will mean about 20 minutes of my work here will pay for having not had to walk for 55 minutes. That seems fair enough to me, but it’s more than 2/3 of my daily allowance. I’m also a bit gutted I only bought a single, as I don’t think returns are much more, and I’ve just learned that I won’t be getting the lift home I was expecting.

I bought a half pint of wheat beer before the gig yesterday for £1.43, and with today’s bus fare that brings the total spend for this month to £67.79. That’s 5p over target, so not too bad!

Lunch was leftover squash stew and apple scones from the freezer, and there’s a scone left for an afternoon snack. It’s a small thing to look forward to, but it’s still a thing!