Sociable Saturday – Chesters Mexican restaurant, Worcester

Last Sunday I showed you the scones I didn’t eat, and the breakfasts I did during my weekend trip to Worcester. The only other actual meal I had with friends that weekend was lunch at Chesters Mexican restaurant

Originally, we planned to go for dinner on Saturday night, but it wasn’t until Friday that we got around to trying to book a table. Oops. They could fit us in before 6 or after 9.30. We opted to go there for lunch instead.

Chesters isn’t a veg restaurant, but the vegan options are marked and there is a reasonable choice, including several puddings, which it always gladdens my heart to see, although on this occasion I didn’t get to try any of them. We dispensed with starters too, and just went for main dishes with bowls of fries and onion rings to share.

I’ve only had chimichangas once before and remembered a deep-fried, crispy parcel of deliciousness, so I went for that with a filling of six-bean chilli, which came with salsa, vegan sour cream and guacamole on the side. There was a choice of salad or fries with this and I chose the former, since we were sharing side orders. However, when it arrived I was a bit taken aback with the size of the salad compared to what I had been considering the main event. I would put it down to misconceptions about vegans all being health-conscious except my non-veg friend got an identically large bowl.

Photo showing huge salad and small chimichanga

Unfortunately, there was very little seasoning or dressing on the salad either. On the other hand I felt the salsa portion, which was well flavoured, could have stood to be doubled in size.

The chimichanga itself was thoroughly cooked, and pleasant enough, but to my curry-seasoned palate it tasted rather underspiced, nor was it the crispy greasebomb i’d been lusting after.

Fortunately, the fries and onion rings made up for this a bit, being excellently crispy, oily and delicious.

Photo of fries and onion rings

This was not a bad meal, the service was friendly and helpful, and it was very reasonably priced. If I’m visiting Worcester again I’ll definitely give their main courses another shot, but chose fries on the side instead of salad! I’d also like to try one of puddings none of us had room for this time. As you can see, we did a pretty good job with the mains.

Photo of empty plates and friends looking full of food

Scones on Sunday – AKA what I didn’t have for breakfast

Yesterday’s post didn’t actually happen yesterday, it was something I prepared earlier, as I knew I wouldn’t have time to write while being busy enjoying the sights of the rather pleasant city of Worcester.



We left Leicester on Friday evening and drove up the motorway in rather horrible rainy conditions to arrive after 9pm. We didn’t get up to much that evening beyond nipping out for a quick drink just before last orders.

On Saturday we were meeting a couple of friends for the afternoon, but decided to go out for breakfast (especially because we were staying in a Travelodge, where it looked as though there was a set price of £8 for breakfast, which I’d probably baulk at paying even if they were offering me something better than boxed cocoa pops or dry toast). 

Worcester has only 3 places to eat listed on Happy Cow, and we visited them all. Our breakfast destination was the Karmic Cafe, and it is here that I did not have scones for breakfast.



If we’d have had room later, I did fully intend to come back and try one of these, as they offered cream teas at the cafe, including the above vegan scones with jam and I think some kind of vegan cream and a pot of tea.

But these scones stood no chance with me in the morning, because if someone offers me a choice of the above, or a vegan version of a full English breakfast, guess which one I’m going to take?



2 hash browns, traditional tinned tomatoes, baked beans, veggie sausage and bacon, herby mushrooms, brown sauce and a couple of rounds of toast with vegan spread, with a glass of juice to wash it down. That was a good breakfast!

Before we left to come back today, we went to Boston Tea Party, and they also do a pretty nice breakfast. Of note were the rosemary potatoes, and the toast made from seedy bread, although the latter lost marks with me because it came pre-spread, whereas I prefer to use my toast to mop up bean juice.Image


Not pictured is the excellent blueberry and ginger smoothie I had with this. Totally worth a visit for that even if you’re not hungry.